At FAMSA Potchefstroom we have qualified, professional staff focusing on the needs of families. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Therapeutic Services

  • Professional counseling services including trauma containment and domestic violence.

  • Marriage preparation – A five session course that prepares couples for marriage.

  • Marriage enrichment – Even the happiest married couples have room for growth in their marriage. A five session course equips couples to keep on building their marriages, resulting in a more satisfying marital relationship.

  • Marriage counseling

  • Divorce counseling

  • Employee Assistance Program Services (EAP)

  • Play therapy for children

Mediation and Parenting Plan
Mediation provides a more courteous alternative to separating or divorcing parties who do wish to create an amiable and co-operative climate rather than a conflictual one. Parties meet with a neutral third party, the mediator(s), for purposes of facilitating an agreement between parties.

Parenting Plan
A parenting plan is an agreement in writing made between divorced or separated parents, dealing with the specific issues relating to parental responsibilities and rights.

School Learners Enrichment Groups

The aim of these groups is to support teenagers to cope with life – specifically focusing on topics related to their life stage including emotional maturity, self-esteem, personality differences, sex, teenage pregnancies, HIV/Aids, domestic violence, bullying and anger management.

Abused Women Support Group
The support group for women from abused relationships focuses on giving emotional support to these women so that they can get hope and learn alternative ways to cope with their challenges.

Community Programs

Family Foundation Volunteers Program

With this program unemployed people in the community with a Grade 12 qualification are trained as facilitators to present a life-skills program at middle & secondary schools, clinics, prisons, court and police stations.

FAMSA believes our training empowers people on a personal, educational and developmental level. Many volunteers have been able to obtain permanent positions after serving as a FAMSA volunteer. Another benefit of this program is that the people, to whom the life-skills program is facilitated to, are also empowered. Topics of the program include knowing yourself, basic human needs, enhancing communication, conflict handling, feelings and it’s expressions, marriage, domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape, etc.

Family Against Violence Program
This program is presented to grade 7 learners in primary schools during a seven week period. The aim of this program is to change cultural norms that support violence and to teach children alternative ways of dealing with conflict and not to use violence as they might see in their homes or in the media.

Topics that are discussed are: Positive self-image, emotions, how to handle anger/bulling, respect for the opposite gender, domestic violence, what to do when living in a house where there is domestic violence and hands and words are not for hurting. This programme is sponsored by AngloGold Ashanti.

Through this program FAMSA wants to break the cycle of violence and create a violence free generation.

Income Generating Group Program
Women from previous disadvantaged communities are taught skills to make handmade products that they sell to generate some income for themselves.

Every opportunity to market these products is used to empower and develop these individuals.

Parenting and Fatherhood Program
A comprehensive parenting program has been designed by Soul City, who also trained our facilitators to present this program to parents. This is a 10 session program where parents are taught parenting skills in order to raise physical and emotionally healthy, balanced children.

The Fatherhood Program uses the 24/7 Dad Program that aims to get fathers more involved in their children’s lives. This program starts with a seminar to instill in fathers the importance of being more involved in their children’s lives.

Following the seminar is a 10 session program that teaches them how to be better fathers and how to attend to their children’s needs. Once fathers have gone through the program, some become facilitators of the program to other groups of dads.

Capacity Building
This office also provides various capacity building courses to the corporate sector, other NGO’s, government departments and individuals on request. These courses include Marriage Counseling, Marriage Preparation, Marriage Enrichment, Basic Counseling, Parenting Program and any life-skills and interpersonal skills that need to be developed.